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What Is D.D.A. Disability Discrimination Act And How DAC Can Help With Compliance? Posted in Automatic Door News by DAC on August 1st 2013

Decided to install automatic doors?  Do you know that all automatic door installations need to be DDA compliant?  Well, they do! What Is It And How Does DDA Affect Your Business? The DDA or Disability Discrimination Act is a set of regulations that are aimed at ending the discrimination that many disabled people face.  This Act gives people ... [...]Read more

DAC Automatic Door Services Accredited On Constructionline Posted in Automatic Door News by DAC Automation on June 28th 2013

DAC Automation Is Now A Constructionline Accredited Automatic Door Service Company DAC Automation has more than 35 years of experience in the automatic door industry.  Our team can maintain, upgrade and service all makes of automatic doors.  This includes revolving doors, manual or automatic, sliding, swinging and folding doors.  Once your do... [...]Read more

Automatic Doors Maintenance With DAC Automation Posted in Automatic Door News by DAC Automation on June 12th 2013

Automatic doors, as the name suggests, open automatically when someone reaches a set distance from the door. These are normally found in industrial and commercial settings. Automatic door maintenance has to be periodic and professional, as there are different designs of doors and different technical aspects to be taken care of such as the sensor, electrical... [...]Read more

Quality And Reliable Automation Door Repair Posted in Automatic Door News by DAC Automation on June 10th 2013

With over 35 years in automatic door repairs for all makes, models and brands, we will bring your automatic door back to life, no matter what condition it may be in. Equipped with fully stocked vans, ADSA certified, fully insured and capable of handling any job size; we are there to get your automatic door right back in working condition. The doors we serv... [...]Read more